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Where was ice age Atlantis?
When did Atlantis exist?
Who were the people of Atlantis.
How did they build a great Stone Age civilization in during the Ice Age?
How was Atlantis destroyed in one terrible day and night?
Were Noah and Atlantis real?
What did the Apostle Paul look like?
How old was Jesus really?
Is the Bubonic Plague written about in the Bible? ======================================================

(Every student of the Ice Age must ask themselves)

(1) Who are the 14,000 year old Oriental People found in underwater caves off the Yucatan Penensula?
(2) Can we show Archaeological evidence that the first people to arrive in the Americas were the "Jomon" people of Japan who arrived two thousand years before the famed Clovis culture.
(3) Can we show Carbon dated skeletal proof that Africans were in the Americas more than 12,000 yrs. ago.
(4) What's the story behind archaeologist finding Ice Age European skeletons in the Americas?
(5) Is there Archaeological proof the Americas were populated at least as far back as 14,000 B.C.
(6) How did all of these different people get to the Americas in the first place and how did they all arrive at the same time?
(7) Weren't Neolithic or Cave People just too stupid to build Trans-Oceanic vessels and if they did build such craft, how did they do it with simple Stone Age technology?
(8) If the Americas were populated by these early peoples, as Archaeologist are now saying, where did they go? Is there evidence to demonstrate what happened to these people or why they were replaced a thousand years later by the Clovis culture?
(9) How and why did Ice Age Animals like the Mammoth, Nine ft. tall Gomphotheres, Three ton Giant Ground Sloths, the Sabre Tooth Cat, American Hourse, American Camel and dozens of other Ice Age Mega-fuana all vanish at the same time?
(10) Why was Russian Siberia lush with plant and animal life while the rest of Europe, Africa and Asia were undergoing cold Ice Age Drought conditions?
(11) The Russian Siberian Mammoth Population is estimated by Scientist to have been as much as 40,000,000 million strong. How could such a cold bleak place as Russian Siberia support so many Ice Age Mega-Animals?
(12) Do you really believe guys with rocks tied on the end of sticks killed all of these animals or did a sudden incredible climatic change kill off the first Americans and the Ice Age Animals, not only in the Americas but also around the world as well?
(13) Do the writings of the ancient Egyptian Historian, Manetho, (the keeper of Thoth), demonstrate that the Earth underwent a 23.5 degree Tilt exactly at the time of the destruction of Plato's Atlantis and the end of the Ice Age.
(14) Is there evidence in Manetho's writings that explain why The Book of Genesis says the pre flood Patriarchs lived to nearly 1,000 years of age? Is there another meaning to these incredible life spans?
(15) Are you so Locked in to your own Geological, Archaeological and Biblical Gospels that you can't even hear evidence of another perspective?



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